It mountain of stone, could besiege jade (3)

3. How to improve the skill level and combat effectiveness of the team
3.1 Regular and irregular training for employees, including corporate culture and skill level, implementation of the help band, “what to do, what to learn, what is missing, what to supplement” to continuously improve the skill level and cohesiveness of employees.
3.2 All departmental teams change the theme (quality, efficiency, progress, teamwork, etc.) according to actual needs to conduct performance appraisal and appraisal, form an internal competitive atmosphere, improve employee enthusiasm and stimulate creativity.
3.3 “The person who does not make repeated mistakes is the smartest person”, cultivates good work habits and working methods, once in place, does not add trouble to subsequent processes and work, improve efficiency, and get twice the result with half the effort.
Only good employees have excellent companies, and the strength of the team is endless. Kailong Machinery is in an important period of development, opportunities are hard to find, and risks coexist. Only each of us is responsible for the affairs, doing things in place, learning constantly, and accelerating growth. Kailong has the power to continue to grow.

Post time: Nov-05-2018
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